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Monday, January 16, 2012

Eliminate dirty mind or sex

This teen age many of us are often really thought always leads to sex. Then again daydreaming that  sex. Duh if it were so how do I fix this? Actually thought the sex was derived from sexual desire or libido is increased. Especially in adolescence when hormone levels increase. In young women as sex hormone levels of androgen and estrogen increases.

Not only hormonal factor that became the trigger. Still there are external factors that could cause someone to be inclined always thinking about sex. Among them are caused by the influence of promiscuity girlfriend free enough spectacle that raises sexual desire and so on.

So what should be done when the mind rather leads to sex? To get rid of thoughts like that required a strong intention of the self in order not merely to enjoy the fantasies or thoughts about sex.

When such thoughts occurred to try to switch to positive thinking. Do not let your mind fulfilling sexual fantasies. Do activities that can divert such as reading a book chat with brothers or sisters browsing interesting info etc..

Get rid of items that can make you think 'Dirty'. Stay away from the reach of sight. Do positive things that you like. In addition there are basic things that are most important. Ie multiply the prayer to him to avoid such negative thoughts godaaan 'strange thoughts' like that.
Jessica Padykula suggest nine techniques to prevent and overcome negative thoughts which are as follows:

1. Living in the moment.
Thinking about the past or the future is a thing that often makes us anxious. Rarely do we panic because of what happened today. If you find your mind terkukung in what has happened or what has not happened, remember that it is only today that we can control.

2. Say positive things to yourself
Tell yourself that you're strong, you can afford. Say it over and over, anytime. Especially, start today by saying positive things about myself and that day, no matter if the day you have to take difficult decisions or you will not believe what you say to yourself.

3. Believing in the power of positive thinking
If you think positive, positive things will come and the difficulties will feel lighter. Conversely, if you think negative, negative things will happen to you. This is a universal law, like laws of gravity or energy exchange. It will not be easy to change your mindset, but the effort comparable with the results that you can pick.

4. Do not be silent.
Search what makes you think negative, fix, and re-advanced. If it can not be repaired anymore, stop complaining and regret that it's only going to spend your time and energy, it also makes you feel worse. Accept what has happened, lessons learned / lessons from this, back and forward.

5. Focus on positive things.
When we're being so negative, we often forget what we have and focus more on what we do not have. Make a gratitude journal. No matter the time, each day write down five of six positive things that happened that day. Positive things that could be big things or just little things like 'sunny day' or 'This is a wonderful evening meal'. As long as you remain consistent to do this activity, it is able to change your negative thoughts into a positive thought. And when you start feeling negative, reread the journal.

6. Move
Exercise releases endorphins that can make you a better feeling. Is it just goes mengelelingi block or run ten miles, physical activity will make ourselves feel better. When you feel down, fifteen minutes of sports activity can make you feel better.

7. Confront your fear
Negative feelings come from fear, the more afraid you will live, the more negative thoughts about yourself. If you are afraid of something, do something about it. Fear is part of life but we have the choice to not let fear stop us.

8. Try new things
Trying new things can also boost your confidence. By saying yes to your life open up more opportunities for growth. Stay away from the thought 'yes, but ...'. New experiences, small or large, makes life more fun and useful.

9. Change the perspective
When something does not go well, find a way to look at it from a more positive perspective. In every challenge there are advantages, there are challenges in any profits.

good luck..........


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